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Welcome to EFT Columbus

Cool, you must be here because you are ready to grow and expand your life. I love people like that!

Right now, I have all the private clients I can handle – with coaching you can’t just coach 40 hours a week as you put too much into each client. You have to pace yourself! Well at least I do to be effective.

So, for now I have a waiting list. What I can recommend is a site that has a ton of free resources, including EFT. It’s called Happivize.com.

You can search around, maybe search on EFT, or whatever challenge in your life you want to address, and see what we have available for you.

I interview the experts myself and in each interview there are a lot of techniques and tools you can use right away. Happivize also has programs and private sessions with amazing coaches if you are interested, but I always recommend starting out with the free stuff first!

Here’s the link: